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Mother Nature played a cruel trick on us. She gives us a true, two and half week long taste of summer, thereby melting the precious and limited snow that graced our mountains to the north, and now she’s forcing us back into our sleeping bag coats in the last week of March.

It’s just mean. and I’m not happy about it.

To be fair, I did reap some benefits from the super quick summer we just had, and breaking out my staple green dress is just one. I got out on the road for the first time in 2012 and it was on my new bike (which may end up being named Lady Gigante, but we will let that simmer before we eat it up). Last Thursday, the high in Boston was around 85 and that called for some non-cubicle time so I took off the afternoon. Mike and I reacquainted ourselves with our beloved spandex and set off for Arlington.

Riding the Minuteman Bike Path to the end, we took the traditional Quad Cycles route through Bedford, Concord, Acton, and made our way to Fern’s for a quick rest (but mostly to set up dinner plans for that evening at Toro, pimientos de padron, yes please).

Despite some chain issues, the ride was amazing - Lady Gigante is a smooth ride, my knee was feeling strong, and it was the perfect day for a ride.

And now we’re being tortured with 20 degree temps. This is acceptable when I know I can scamper off to the north and ski. When I can’t, I’m just cranky.

Make up your mind Mama.